Galactic Shaktipat of Mahakundalini Energy and other Galatic Energies Workshop by Rae Chandran and Anne Choo

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Workshop Date and Time

28 April 2018, 10am - 5pm (including 1 hour lunch break, lunch is at your own expense)


Workshop Venue

SCWO, Training Room 4, 96, Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967

(located in between Bugis MRT (EW12) and Bras Basah MRT (CC2)



Workshop Fees

Early Bird Specials by 28 February 2018 @ SGD280 

1 March 2018 onwards @ SGD320


Workshop Synopsis 


Greetings, this is Master Kuthumi.

In these times of great changes and in the quantum leap of human consciousness, many new gifts has been forthcoming into the world. This has happened and is happening, because humanity as a collective consciousness has raised the vibration of this planet and the planet is moving rapidly into a new 5th dimensional reality. This acceleration has reduced the time required in an old energy for one's ascension and self realization.

Humanity enmasse will start to awaken more and more as the years go by and this will further accelerate the vibration of this planet and all beings on the planet.

The energy transmitted through this method of Shaktipat is aimed at people who are ready to move to the next level of higher consciousness and also to awaken one's true goal of being born - that is to experience the Oneness and to move out of the strong illusionary concept of Separateness or Maya.

In this new concept of Shaktipat,,one can simply touch one's forehead (between the third eye and the Angel chakra area) and transmit energy while being aware of the sacred geometry in one's heart. These sacred geometries are given because in the new consciousness, geometry and codes will be the principle energy carriers rather than the Chakric systems. These geometries are energy carriers from the Galatic origin and has embedded with in them 5th dimensional energies. Simply placing your hand over them, one is able to feel the energies with in them and when one touches one's forehead while embodying this energy with in them (the sender), then one is transmitting the original energy of the geometry into the receiver and the energy will start to align and reset the sacred geometry with in the receiver. But this depends to a large extent upto the amount of work one has done on oneself. If one has been working on oneself in clearing and balancing the energies, then the energies they receive and feel will be of a much higher calibre.

These energies can also be transmitted over long distances by breathing the energies of the geometries into oneself and then breathing these energies on to the crown chakra of the person who is ready to receive this energy. To send this energy effectively in this way, one must first fully integrate this energy with in oneself - into one's auric field and also into one's grid and consciousness.

In the workshop, we will be presenting the Shaktipat energy using the touch method. Specially trained teachers will place one of their finger on the forehead and transmit energy for three minutes. The receiver is asked to be in a state of receptivity and after the transmission, to remain in a meditative state for twenty minutes. After this, the receiver is asked to visualize three pyramids - one on top of each other and all in golden colour and see themselves inside this pyramid and this will help one to fully hold this newly awakened energy with it being diluted or leaking.

For optimum results, the receiver is advised to meditate for the next twenty one days visualizing themselves inside the pyramid for a minimum of 21 minutes.

There are three levels to this process of Shaktipath transmission.

1) First process is - direct transmission by touching on the forehead for three minutes.

2) The second step is -

After 14 days of meditation, the facilitator will sit with the receiver (in person or long distance) at a designated time and transmit energy for seven minutes.

3) The final phase of this transmission is after the receiver has been doing the meditation for 21 days for 21 minutes (there can be no gap between the days), the facilitator and the receiver will sit at a designated time and the facilitator will transmit the final energy for 3 minutes. While this is being done, the facilitator will tone a specific chant which is of Galatic in nature.

This will complete the process of Full Transmission of Shaktipat.

In the workshop, Rae will be the main facilitator to transmit the energies of Shaktipat. Anne Choo, who is a qualified teacher of Shaktipat, will also facilitate the transmission of this energy. The facilitators will choose what energy to transmit to the receiver.  Energy transmission will be done through one of these sacred geometries :

  • Mahakundalini
  • Lord Shiva
  • Lord Vishnu
  • Goddess Lakshmi
  • Spirit of Music
  • Archangel Michael

Important point to note is - the facilitators will decide what energy to send following the facilitators' inner guidance and not on the request of the receiver‐ not what the receiver wants to receive - the facilitator will always choose.

Benefits of this mode of transmission

  • One starts to realize slowly one's mission in life and helps one to move into a place of joy and peace and acceptance of all - becoming non judgemental.
  • Allowing others to be who they are with out interfering in their lives (no unwanted guidance and telling them what to do)
  • Moving away from lower ego and moving into One's passion
  • Raises one's vibration and this will in turn help to raise the vibration of the planet.
  • Service to humanity becomes a natural part of one's life.
  • Naturally if and when one raises one's vibration, slowly health will improve and one will feel more vitality and one starts living fully and not just existing.
  • One also starts to take responsibility in one's life fully and moving from a Victim consciousness to becoming aware that we are the Creators of our life.

If you want to be in the Magic of your life and am ready to take responsibility in your life and ready to co-create your new life with the Spirit with in you, then come and experience this new Shaktipat.

Master Kuthumi

through Rae Chandran



"Wonderful, Exciting and never seen anything like it. I fell in love with all of it. It makes complete sense. Why have I never thought of it before?"

- JK from Japan

"So practical and useful."

- KY from Hong Kong

"I had goosebumps when I was drawing and memories started flooding my mind and I was able to look at it and release without much pain and sorrow. I felt peaceful afterwards."

- MC from Hong Kong

"I used the geometry with the numbers to create a particular reality I desired. Amazing!"

- KU from Japan

"Meditating on the numbers and geometry made me go deeper into myself and I found a large part of my self. I felt that for all the years, I have lived, I only lived partly and this helped me realize that there is much more to my life than mere existence."

-JC from US

About Rae Chandran


Rae Chandran has been invited by The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City to present his work on 20 May 2016. 

Profile Photo4

Rae Chandran, an ancient soul, was a Kundalini master in Atlantis. He has been able to remember his past due to his own Ascension Energy which he fully integrated on 5 August 2017. He had been travelling around the world teaching Mahakundalini and Galactic Shaktipath to anyone who is connected since. He has been on the path of Self Discovery for over three decades now and through the awakenings and understandings he has had over these years, he shares these truths to all the people he comes in contact with. He teaches these truths through the various workshops he conducts in many parts of the world like Japan, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, India and Vietnam. He also leads people to power spots and power vortexes in countries like Egypt, Israel, Greece and Morocco.Rae Chandran, is the author of three books (DNA of the Spirit - Volume 1 and Volume 2) and Partnering with Angels. All the contents of all these books are completely channeled. Three more books from Rae will be published later this year. On 20th May 2016, Rae has been invited to the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City where he will present the topic "Sacred Geometry and Symbols to achieve balance". Rae Chandran's messages and articles regularly appears in the Channeled Magazine from US called Sedona Journal and also has been on many of the internet platforms in US, Europe and Asia. He has also been on the radio show in many countries like Taiwan, US and Malaysia.Rae Chandran also channels Symbols for healing and transformation and he has channeled over 400 symbols. Rae hails from India, but have taken up residence in Japan for the past 16 years. He lives with his wife and two kids in Tokyo. To know more about his work, please click here. You can view his videos on channelling and his work here

 Raes 5 books

 Books published and written by Rae Chandran


About Anne Choo 

Anne Choo Photo

*Sound Healing Teacher
*Lazarus Resurrection Practitioner
*Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
*Yuen Method Certified Practitioner

Anne is an unstoppable and spirited force of ever-enquiring and determined energy, fueled by her strong desire to overcome her own health issues and to help others. This has led her to learn and become a certified practitioner of both the Body Talk System and the Yuen Method, and to pursue a permaculture design course. The first two modalities gave her an insight into the connection of the human body, mind and spirit and permaculture reinforced her trust and awe in the divine laws of nature.

Theosophy provided Anne with the intellectual foundation in her search for the unity of religion, science and philosophy and universal laws in nature. Anne fortuitously met Brother Rae Chandran at his workshop in August 2016 and finally found her teacher. Through teacher Rae's guidance, Anne accelerated her learning of Sound Healing and other dynamic teachings from the Creator and the Ascended Masters. Anne is committed to bring light, love, peace and unity consciousness to humanity and to make the world and this planet a happier and better place for all its inhabitants. Anne sees herself as an instrument, channel of the Creator and as His Co- Creator. She joyfully shares her Sound Healing with others and uses the healing techniques gifted to her from her teacher Rae and the Creator to alleviate suffering and facilitate healing. As Anne continues to learn, experience, explore and experiment in her spiritual journey, she endeavours to walk the middle path by also balancing her role as a mother, sister, aunt, friend and lawyer in a complex, dynamic and ever changing environment.


* Part of the profit of The Lighthouse Productions will be donated to its charity beneficiaries.

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