Full Moon MahaKundalini Activation and Channeling Workshops - Sacred Bali Retreat with Rae Chandran




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I invite you
With deep love and care
In this event
We will dance and share.
A place created so you know
We are here to keep our owe.
In this life time to remind it now
We are here to take care of how.
Recall and remember You are Divine
Be here so that you can Shine.

- Rumi channeling on Mahakundalini Bali retreat 2017
Through Sushma Saraf



4 - 9 November 2017 

A 7 Days / 6 Nights Magical Retreat 

*Note :  Participants to arrive on 3 November. Retreat will end in the evening of 9 November. Complimentary 1 night stay with breakfast if participants will like to extend their stay in the resort till 10 November.


Accommodation and Workshop Venue : The Evitel Resort Ubud

Evitel 1


evitel 3


Evitel 2 

                                                            Abundant paddy field surrounding the resort

Evitel room

Beautiful superior room accomodation overlooking lush tropical garden and paddy field view

Surrounded by lush rice paddies, The Evitel Resort Ubud offers an outdoor pool and free WiFi access. Guests can enjoy free scheduled shuttle service to Ubud Centre. Settled down in the exotic Ubud Highland Area, The Evitel Resort Ubud is far more than just a picturesque place. It inspires loyal guests to create treasured memories, to celebrate each moment and to rekindle their spirit. It is a state of mind where the ambiance and amenities are merely the gateway to a more majestic experience. The comfortable rooms are filled with natural light and feature air conditioning, a flat-screen TV,  a desk and a private balcony. En-suite bathroom comes with shower, slippers and free toiletries. Ubud Monkey Forest is only a 5-minute walk from The Evitel Resort Ubud, while Ubud Market is about 15-minutes walk from the property. Ngurah Rai Airport is reachable within 1.5 hour's drive. You can read more about the hotel here.

Accommodation is on a twin-sharing basis per room. We pair participant with participant intuitively. If you will like to share the room with someone you know, please indicate in the comment when you register.

Single Occupancy is available for an additional charge of USD200. If you prefer a single occupancy room, please indicate in the comment when you register.

Superior Room feature :

  • Daily Breakfast
  • 24 hours front desk service
  • Daily house keeping service
  • Mineral water
  • En-suite bathroom with shower
  • Self-controlled air conditioner
  • 32" LED TV
  • Fridge
  • Writing desk
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Tea & coffee 
  • Safe deposit  box
  • IDD telephone, and wireless internet connection
  • Private balcony
  • Free WIFI



~Deposit USD400 by 30 April 2017 to secure Your Space and Early Bird Price Now~

· Early Bird Price (Deposit USD400 by 30 April 2017)* :

USD1,100 (twin sharing) / USD1,300 (single supplement)

· Normal Price (Deposit USD400 from 1 May 2017)* :

USD1,400 (twin sharing) / USD1,600 (single supplement)

*   Please see our Cancellation policy below.


Fee includes:

· 7 Days 6 nights Superior Room accomodation in The Evitel Resort Ubud from November 3-9 2017. One night Complimentary stay with breakfast included if you wish to extend your stay in the Resort to November 10.  

· Attendance to the 3 and half days "Full Moon MahaKundalini Activation Level 1 - 7" workshop from November 4-7.

· Attendance to "How to Channel" one day workshop on November 8.

· Daily channeling, meditation and intention ceremony guided by Rae Chandran.

· Channeling by Rae Chandran in the sacred power spots in Bali.

· Opportunity to explore our past lives guided by Rae Chandran in this retreat.

· English-speaking Tour Guide.

· Daily Breakfast and Vegetarian Lunch provided.  

· Daily Mineral water supply.

· Daily shuttle service to Ubud town centre on scheduled time.·

· Entry fees to all venues and sites except for optional activities.

· All transportation within Bali except for airport pickup to The Evitel Resort Ubud.

· Airport transfer from The Evitel Resort Ubud to Airport on your last day of retreat. 

· All Service charges and taxes are included.


What is not included:

· International Flight Ticket from home country.

· Travel insurance and Entry Visa Fee.

· Airport pickup to The Evitel Resort Ubud. We recommend Bali Joe's Island Tours or as they are one of the most affordable transportation companies in Bali. They provide good services too. 

· Daily dinner is at your own expense.

· Fees to Optional Activity "Swimming with the Dolphins".

· Tips and gratuities.

· Bank transfer fees.

· Beverages with the exception of mineral water.

· Items of Personal nature (Shopping, Laundry, Phone Calls, etc.)


Method of Payment

1) Non-refundable Deposit of USD400 to pay in CASH or through PAYPAL by registering online

2) Remainder of retreat fee can be paid in CASH or BANK TRANSFER to the following :

    Bank Name : Maybank

    Swift Code : MBBESGSG

    Bank Code : 7302

    Branch Code : 014

    Account Type : Current 

    Account Number : 64140055880

    * Please note that ALL Bank Charges to be borned by the Remitter


Retreat Itinerary

November 3 : Arrival in The Evitel Resort Ubud. All meal at your own expense on this day.

November 4 - 6, 10am - 4pm : Full Moon MahaKundalini Initiation and Activation Level 1 - 7 (3 day workshop)

Mahakundalini symbol

Mahakundalini Explanations by Master Kundala

First of all please note that, it is very rare that humans has heard about Mahakundalini. The first workshop on Mahakunalini was conducted in India in November 2016 and the first overseas workshop of Mahakundalini is in Taiwan. Singapore has hers in February 2017.
Note that, only those who are called and have sufficient light quotient will be able to come, for they will feel an inner urge and knowingness when they hear the word Mahakundalini. Hence all those who will come will be ready to activate this awesome energy with in themselves.

Maha Kundalini is like exploring the subconscious mind. As you are aware, the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and most of humanity lives from their subconscious mind. In the same manner, Maha Kundalini is more powerful than Kundalinli. Working with Kundalini is like working the conscious mind only where you can change your thoughts consciously. Maha Kundalini is a subtle layer energy which accelerates your growth at all levels and through all realities. In the present tradition of spiritual understanding, Kundalini is always associated with the spiritual growth, but in reality is much more - for it is the force of Creation itself. It is the Creation energy, Acceptance energy, Evolution and transformation energy, Transmutation and Exploration energy. It is the force which affects all the areas of one's life and it also affects different planes of existence. The biggest task is to become aware and recognize this awesome power. As in the case of the mind, once you become aware of the power of your mind, then you can design or mould your life in the way you desire. In the same way, when you become aware and awaken the power of Maha Kundalini within you, you become aware of every facet of your life. So Maha Kundalini gives way to access all the limitless possibilities which you have.

Working with this energy in this life time can help one to dissolve many issues of different life times with little effort. But it requires conscious awareness of this energy with in oneself. The more you are able to integrate and activate this energy, the greater the shift you will have in your life.

The activation of Maha Kundalini is of utmost importance as it supports the smooth awakening of all the energies with in the chakras and also for the smooth integration. There are seven layers of Mahakundalini integration. Each layer by itself is connected to all the layers and also many layers are in other bodies like the causal and etheric bodies. Out of the seven layers, the first five layers are connected to the elements and is associated with each chakra. The more you connect with the element which is relevant to the layers, the more easily you will be able to integrate. The breathing time for each layer will be different and vary according to the percentage of element present in the body.
The first layer of Mahakundalini is connected to Mother Earth and for activating this layer the focus should be on the base chakra. In the workshop, we will practice a unique form of breathing combined with visualization and hand movements to awaken this energy.
The second layer of Mahakundalini is connected to the water element and the focus is on the second chakra. The colour is soft orange combined with soft white. Again we will use breath, sound, hand movements to awaken and integrate this energy.
The third layer of Mahakundalini is associated with Fire element and the focus should be on the naval area. The colour is soft orange combined with a tinge of metallic blue. This layer is particularly important as there is chakras embedded in the casual body of this area which contains all the soul memories and imprints and also karmic energy of all the lives you have had so far. Again we will use colour and sound to activate this layer.
The fourth layer is the wind element and the colour is soft green golden colour. This is also a very important place as this is the centre point between the higher and lower chakras. There are also many deep hidden chambers in the heart area and also portals in that area.
The fifth layer is connected to the Ether and is located in the throat chakra. And the colour is soft purple.
The breathing to activate each layer is different and we will practice it in the workshop.
We will also share the sounds, breathing techniques, the colours, the hand movements etc.,
Kundalini is a vital aspect of your spiritual practice. You are one who is much more beyond this physical realm, but at this time this physical body is needed to experience infinity. The layers of kundalini acts as a root which connects and binds other galatic realms and you become more and more open to higher wisdom and knowledge.
The layers of Kundalini looks like spectrum of light and it is also a prism of light. With the right practice when the energy flows in these prisms/spectrums you will be able to observe different colours as it happens when the rays of the sun passes through a prism and different colours are seen. In the same way, when energy starts flowing, the layers of the kundalini gets activated.
The key to activating the Mahakundalini is through breath - a unique form of breathing combined with sound toning (by me), colour and hand mudras. During each layer activation, Masters will appear and Golden Serpent will appear and will do initiation on all the participants. Hence this is not for everybody, but for those who have a strong spiritual base and good emotional maturity and grounding. For this can shift life completely.

All the activation up to 5 layers are done on the first day. We will also work on activating the 12 Grids in our physical body, for it is only when the grids are fully activated, one can hold the energy from any meditations, prayer or any kinds of energy work for the grids represent the Earth in our body and every thing in our life comes from our Grid. This will be a guided Meditation.
The next part is activating a particular gland in the body which represents the ability to create, manifest, sustain and grow in material abundance in one's life. Just like the pineal gland, which when fully activated helps in our spiritual growth, there is also a gland in the body and when this is activated, helps one grow in one's material abundance and prosperity.
Once all the 7 layers are fully activated and integrated, then one transcends the wheel of Re-incarnation and fully becomes a Master, where all the aspects of the soul has merged fully, the Soul, The Monad and the I Am Presence. - Atma, Paramatma, Mahatma. One moved from Boddishavatta to becoming a Buddha.


1. New Family template, (our family, our family with people whom we interact daily, our soul and galatic family)

2. New connection with Mother Earth.

3. Service to oneself and others

4. Co-creation

These last four attributes will be given by Archangel Michael.

Besides MahaKundalini activations, we will also be doing Yoga exercises, meditation, drawing and healing work on the second and third day to further anchor the energies within ourselves.

Master Kundala


Mahakundalini group photo

        Happy faces all around after the MahaKundalini workshop in Singapore  


Additional Activities :

November 4, 6 - 8pm : Mandala Drawing and Colouring for Healing facilitated by Melinda Wang

Melinda photoFormer captain of Taiwan National Field Hockey Team and Physical Fitness & Swimming Coach, Melinda's life took a drastic turn when she started serving at Liism temple in 2004 and gradually trained herself to become a spiritual healer. Since then, she further discovered and explored her talents in artistic expressions. Her energy-blessed paintings have become the highlights of Liism's annual charity event since 2010. Her passion for art therapy prompted her to become a Certified Zentangle© Teacher Asia in 2016. She wishes to continue to devote her love and light to those in need and bring smiles and warmth to the universe.

Note to Participants : Please bring along your color pencils (aquarelle) & pigment fineliner (photo below) for this Mini Mandala Drawing Workshop.  

Melinda color pen 

November 5, 6 - 8pm : 1) Rumi Channeling by Sushma Saraf 

Sushma photoSushma Saraf in her journey of self realization has met many Masters, who played an important role in her journey of transformation. From October 2015 she has started channeling many ascended masters, bringing forth the wisdom to share with everybody.

Journey of a Soul

As a dew drop I descend
To realize my magnificence I chose to ascend.
While ascending I rise I fall
Get a realization, it's a game played by All.
I started honoring, I started respecting
The trust in Divine I started appreciating.
What a freedom, what a relief
It's enough to shatter all the beliefs.
The veil of separation get dissolved
I met myself as I evolved.
You and me, I and him
Nobody was there it was a whim.
I became the light, the light became l
In that realm separation get destroy.
Again as a dew drop I chose to descend...
So can enjoy how to Ascend.

2)  Divine Dance by Ellen Liu

Ellen photo從小因經歷生命中許多苦痛的課題, 為了尋找課題的解答 , Ellen開始踏上了身心靈之旅。10多年來習修了許多的身心靈課程與靜心教導 , 不斷地向內在與身體之間探索與挖掘更大的可能性,也支持著自己的生命走向覺醒的旅程。透過自身的豐富經驗,引導人們喚醒神聖的愛、智慧及力量,憶起每個人自己本身就是最好的療癒師。並協助伙伴修復與回歸内在的和諧與平衡。目前為光的工作者,在台灣、中國、馬來西亞......許多城市教學能量療癒。同時也是擴大療癒法一階、二階、三階的國際合格教師與馬雅曆法的分享者。

Having experienced numerous painful life-related issues since a very young age, Ellen started setting her foot on the spiritual journey to find all the answers. For more than 10 years, Ellen has learned & practiced many different studies on spirituality and meditative teachings, constantly exploring and discovering greater possibility between spiritual and physical bodies, while also supporting herself on the journey of awakening. Through her own experiences, Ellen has been guiding people to awaken their own divine love, wisdom and strength, and to remember that everyone is already his or her own best healer. She also helps people heal and return to their inner harmony and balance.
Currently Ellen works as a light worker in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, etc. ...and teaches energy healing in many cities. She is also an internationally certified teacher of Magnified Healing phase I, II and III as well as a dedicated coach of Maya calendar.

November 7, 10am - 2pm : Tanah Lot Temple visit and Channeling by RaeTanalot

Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali's most important landmarks, famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. Tanah Lot means "Land in the Sea" in the Balinese language. Located in Tabanan, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Denpasar, the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide. Tanah Lot is a built to worship the Balinese sea god. The main deity of the temple is Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara, who is the sea god or sea power and these days, Nirartha (who established the island) is also worshipped here. The temple is purportedly protected by a giant snake, which was created from Nirartha's selendang (a type of sash).

At high tide, waves flood the causeways making it impossible to cross. At low tide, you may cross to view the rock base where the legendary 'guardian' sea snakes dwell in crevices around the Tirta Pabersihan fountain. This natural spout is the source of holy water for all the temples in the area. Priests at the fountain bless visitors by sprinkling holy water over their heads. You can cup your palms and take a sip to prove it is amazingly fresh water.

November 7, 2pm onwards : Swimming with the Dolphins (Optional)

November 8, 10am - 5pm : How to Channel - 1 day workshop by Rae

Channeling is an inherent quality all souls have. But like all talents, one must first become aware of it and develop it. Like a muscle which if unused will become loose and flabby, the potential to open up to receive messages from the higher realms will remain empty. All most all the human beings have at one time or other received messages from the other side and this we call it inspiration or intuition. How does it happen? When one is relaxed and peaceful in the mind and body, then an opening is created by which the beings from the other side (Ascended Masters, Angels and Arch Angels and other beings of light) can connect with us give us messages.

The main obstacle in being able to channel is our belief system. Most humans does not believe that this open communication can happen with the other side and this belief sets up an energy field around them which will make it their reality. So the first thing what we teach in the workshop is to suspend our belief system about our selves and our inherent abilities and talents - at least during the duration of the workshop.

In the workshop, we will guide the participants step by step in the following process :

1.How to create a protective layer of energy around oneself before we start channeling.

2.How to connect with the beings that we are trying to channel using simple breathing techniques.

3. How to relax the body before we start to sit down to channel.

After the initial preparatory exercises are over, we teach how to connect with the basic elements like stone, wood, crystal, water etc, For all these elements has a specific vibrational pattern and essence to it and each represents one aspect of human life. For eg., the wood represents the emotions and connecting with the wood energy can help us understand about the emotions - either for one self or others. Stone represents the health aspects, etc.,

In the workshop, we will practice using breath technique to connect with these elements first and then ask questions to these elements to gain answers.

The second part consists of connecting with famous personalities who left this world, but their contributions still affect us today. We teach how to connect with these beings and gain answers.

The third part consists of connecting with the Ascended Masters and Angels and Arch Angels and gaining answers to the questions we have.

The last part of the session consists of teaching how to connect with one's own higher self. After this the participants practice with each other - connecting with the higher self and answering questions.

The end session is we invite the participants to come forward and channel in front of all the participants so as to give them confidence and courage.

In our experience of teaching - how to channel for the past 5 years, 95% of the participants will be able to channel after the workshop.

The most important thing after the workshop is to practice at least 10 minutes a day. Within 6 months, one will be ready to channel for others.


1. We will be able to increase our own vibrational frequency and light quotient.

2. Our connection with our own Higher Self gets strengthened.

3. Ability to perceive higher reality and new truth. It opens up a whole lot more than our perceived reality.

4. Increases our self confidence and our inner trust in ourselves.

5. To gain newer perspective in one's own lives and others.

6. Strengthens our connection with our guides, teachers, angels and other support systems.

If you feel the calling, I invite you to this one day exciting event.




November 9, 9am - 6pm : Pura Bersakih and Tirta Empul Temple Visit, Channeling by Rae 


Besakih Temple, known as Bali's 'Mother Temple' for over 1,000 years, sits 1,000 metres high on the southwestern slopes of Mount Agung. Besakih is an artistic and unique complex that comprises at least 86 temples which include the main Pura Penataran Agung (the Great Temple of State) and 18 others. Besakih is the biggest and holiest of the island's temples and is surrounded by breathtaking and scenic rice paddies, hills, mountains, streams, and more.

To the Balinese, visiting the temple sanctuaries is a special pilgrimage. Mount Agung's high location gives it an almost mystical quality. Many stairs lead up to the sacred mountain, leading to the many temples that vary according to types, status, and functions. Pura Besakih features three temples dedicated to the Hindu trinity. Pura Penataran Agung in the centre has white banners for Shiva, the destroyer; Pura Kiduling Kreteg on the right side is with red banners for Brahma, the creator; and Pura Batu Madeg represents Vishnu, the preserver, with its black banners.


Tirta Empul is an important temple complex and holy mountain spring, located in the village of Manukaya in central Bali. The site serves as a legendary setting of a traditional tale about good versus evil. It is also a national cultural heritage site. Tirta Empul, meaning 'holy water spring' is actually the name of a water source located within the temple. The spring feeds various purification baths, pools and fish ponds surrounding the outer perimeter, which all flow to the Tukad Pakerisan River. Various sites throughout the region and many other archaeological relics relate to local myths and legends.

Inside the central courtyard, referred to as 'madya mandala' or 'jaba tengah', pilgrims first approach a rectangular purification bath where a total of 13 elaborately sculpted spouts that line the edge from west to east. After solemn prayers at an altar-like shrine, they proceed to enter the crystal-clear, cold mountain water. With hands pressed together, they bow under the gushing water of the first spout, carrying on to the eleventh. The water from the last two of the 13 spouts is meant for purification purposes in funerary rites.


Things to bring for the retreat :

  • White overall (White top and pants/dress) for our 3 days MahaKundalini workshops
  • Comfortable covered shoes
  • An extra change of clothing and towel after the water purification process at Tirta Empul Temple
  • Sarong to cover our legs when we visit the temples. If you do not have one, you can loan it from the temple.
  • Swimwear if you like to swim and meditate with the Dolphins (Optional activity)
  • Sun screen
  • Hat / Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • An Open heart and An Open mind :)

Please ensure that your passport has at least 6 months validity before your trip.

Please click here to check the weather in Bali when you are packing for your retreat.


Retreat Terms and Conditions :

  • The Lighthouse Productions is not responsible for any of your items which are either lost, stolen or damaged during the Retreat. You will be held liable for any loss or damage caused by You to the accommodation and contents during the Retreat. In such an event, The Lighthouse Productions reserves the right to charge You an additional fee.
  • To the extent permitted by the law, You agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless, The Lighthouse Productions, its Personnel and Rae Chandran against, from and in respect of all expenses, costs, liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, judgments and losses of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to consequential and economic losses, property loss/damage and damages for injury, including personal injury and death) arising out of, caused by, attributable to or resulting from:

i) your booking or your stay at the Retreat; or

ii) your participation in the Retreat


Cancellation Policies :

  • If You cancel your Retreat booking, the following charges will apply in relation to each booking:

i) If You cancel more than 60 days before your Retreat check-in date, 100% of your payment excluding deposit and bank charges will be refunded.

ii) If You cancel 31 – 59 days before your Retreat check-in date, 50% of your payment excluding deposit and bank charges will be refunded.

iii) If You cancel 30 days or less before your Retreat check-in date, you will forfeit the full amount including the deposit.

  • The Lighthouse Productions may, at its absolute discretion, cancel any booking. You will be offered either a booking credit or full refund of all monies excluding bank charges which You have already paid.
  • If You are issued with a booking credit to be applied to another Retreat, such credit will be valid for twelve months from the day the booking is cancelled.
  • If You arrive late or do not show up for your Retreat or terminate your booking early after You have checked in. You will not be entitled to any refunds or booking credits.

Event Properties

Event date: 04-11-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date: 09-11-2017 6:00 pm
Cut off date 24-06-2017
Individual Price $400.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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