Awaken & Balancing Chakras with Crystals by Yvonne Loke

Dates and Time

12 August 2017, Saturday, 9.30am - 1pm



Framework2, 2 Aljunied Ave 1, Level 2

Singapore 389977

(6 mins walk from Paya Lebar MRT Station)

Direction :

1) Once you enter the main gate of Framework Materials Pte Ltd, walk straight to the guard house

2) Walk alongside the car park ramp and you will see a door in front of you.

3) Enter the door and walk up to level 2. Walk past the lifts and turn left. We are in the first room :)

 Framework venue


Workshop Fees


*Bring a friend promotion : you and your friend pay only $124 each when your friend signs up with you! Total Savings of $88! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are signing up with your friend!

*All participants will receive FREE chakra balancing crystals!


 Crystal Healing


Workshop Synopsis

This Fun and Interactive workshop is designed for anyone who is interested to:·

  • Understand chakras and their functions
  • Learn WHY it is essential to Balance the chakras
  • Identify the Crystals required for the chakras
  • Experience using crystals to balance the chakras


Intention and Purpose·

  • To help participants gain better understanding the importance of our chakras and their functions·
  • To learn how they can effectively use crystals to balance the chakras·
  • To have participants experience using crystals to balance their chakras


Workshop Outline :·

  • What are chakras and their functions
  • The benefits of balancing our chakras·
  • Which crystals for the chakras·
  • Identify which chakra requires balancing·
  • Choosing the Right chakra crystal·
  • Experiment & Experience the use of crystals to balance the chakras


Please note :

*Bring along a yoga mat or towel to the workshop 

*Dress comfortably in pants or long skirts

*Any enquires for this workshop, please contact Yvonne at 9789 8203



"Yvonne is my angel. When I was going through the most challenging, dramatic changes in my life, I also had difficulties dealing with work. Yvonne helped me to stay in a balanced frame through that biggest storm of my life. Her ability to sense the needs of people, providing positive assurance and advice, and gently eliminating the stress level is incredible. She taught me how to stay in peace through the earthquake and to discover and regain my own power. I cannot thank her enough for this. I was also lucky to have Yvonne delivering meditation sessions in my office every Monday afternoon. The sessions were always full of attendees. Yvonne coached all of us to relax and open up. Thanks to the techniques that Yvonne taught, I became more aware of myself and those that surround me. It helped me to better understand situations and people and deal with them positively."

- Svitlana Lazyuk, Ukraine, Client Engagement Manager

"I met Yvonne when I was struggling at the crossroads of my life. The coaching sessions with Yvonne helped changed my life. For someone who usually sort things out by myself, I was stuck in my own anxiety, pain, and fears. She shared with me techniques that helped me to overcome my procrastinating and self-destructive patterns, and gave me tools to connect me back to my true self, my inner child. With the help of what she taught me, I am able to free myself from unhealthy habits, gained clarity of my path. Going forward, I now have the innate strength, and confidence to work towards my life purpose with greater meaning, purpose, and joy. I am grateful for this life-changing gift."

- Zdeni Dejanova, Czech Republic, Graduate Masters, Social Sciences in Political Science

"Yvonne is gifted as a facilitator and a counselor. She can have great insights into someone's life and help direct them in a positive way. She is passionate about life and her work of helping people in finding their path. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to find a direction for their life. "

- Daniel Darby, USA, Reverend and Shamanic Practitioner

"Yvonne was a regular facilitator of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' Wellness Programme when I was teaching in NUS. She conducted guided meditations that the students and staff greatly enjoyed. They especially appreciated her gentleness and patience since many of the participants had no or limited experience with meditation. Finally, her generosity was truly impressive as she donated her time as a community service."

- Millie Rivera, Puerto Rico, Professor and Head - Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State South Africa

"I learnt how to meditate from Yvonne through the company's weekly Stress Reduction & Renewal sessions. I really enjoyed her mindfulness & meditation sessions, covering various topics that created greater awareness on health and wellness, harmonious relations and developing personal growth. I've learnt much from her. The weekly group session she conducted often made me felt more relaxed and focused amidst the busy day at work. I am sure Yvonne's sessions will continue to benefit organizations and individuals who are interested in living a more fulfilling life."

- Lawrence Liew, Malaysia, Client Engagement Manager


About Yvonne Loke

Yvonne Loke Profile PhotoWorking intuitively with crystals since 2003, Yvonne Loke shares with you how you can use crystals to awaken your chakras, as well as balancing them. In her work, Yvonne has helped clients to use crystals effectively to manifest more of what they want to experience in their lives. Having a clear understanding of chakras, identifying them, and bringing them back into balance allows one to become more whole and live with greater ease and joy in the pursuits of one's goals or desires. 

Yvonne is currently a Trainer, Coach in Personal Mastery; she has a Master's degree in Business Administration, and is currently a PhD candidate for Metaphysics. Yvonne has a natural gift in guiding clients through a Transformative process, to discover their innate wisdom, and ultimately Recognize, Acknowledge and Embrace their Gifts and Power. She is dedicated in Empowering people to make Positive Change, Overcome their limiting beliefs and habits through effective, reliable techniques in a 'one-on-one' coaching environment, workshops, and seminars; which allowed them to gain greater Clarity, Confidence, and Open up to New Possibilities, where they can navigate their lives with greater Meaning, Authenticity, Balance, and Joy!

She holds a safe space to support individuals to Learn, Grow, and Heal in a gentle and nurturing way while re-training them to be Focused and Empowered. You can read more about her work here.


* Part of the profit of The Lighthouse Productions will be donated to its charity beneficiaries.


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Event date: 12-08-2017 9:30 am
Event End Date: 12-08-2017 1:00 pm
Cut off date 12-08-2017
Individual Price $168.00
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