Connecting to Your Higher Self with ALISON LEVESLEY

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5 August 2017,  10am - 5pm  


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Early Bird Specials by 15 July 2017 @ SGD385

16 July 2017 onwards @ SGD425


Workshop Venue

Framework Materials Pte Ltd, 2 Aljunied Ave 1, Level 2

Singapore 389977

(6 mins walk from Paya Lebar MRT Station)

Direction :

1) Once you enter the main gate of Framework Materials Pte Ltd, walk straight to the guard house

2) Walk alongside the car park ramp and you will see a door in front of you.

3) Enter the door and walk up to level 2. Walk past the lifts and turn left. We are in the first room :)

Framework venue 


Workshop Sypnosis

We hear so much about being spiritual and connecting to Our Higher Self yet often have no understanding as to what that means or how to do it. Our Higher Self is the part of us that brings us to a place of balance and peace. It's the part that wants the best for us and shows us the higher truth. You may desire something and limit it or subconsciously stop yourself from receiving it - however your Higher Self brings you so much more than you would ever imagine. It also supports you in being the best you can be and shows you your truth or blockages with ease.

Alison Levesley has been more intimate with her Higher Divine Self for more than 20 years. Her life has been filled with blessings and abundance, with clarity and joy ever since. Join Alison as she helps you develop your intimacy with your Higher Self through the following simple exercises and techniques :

  • Begin the day with an attunement exercise
  • Let go of your stresses whilst enjoying connecting with your own divinity.
  • Learn Tools for connecting to your Higher Self
  • Understanding your Higher Self
  • Practising using the tools and working on your personal issues and blockages to create your highest potential.
  • Meditation for relaxation and lots more


  • The practice of Tonglen which is Tibetan for 'giving and taking', and refers to a meditation practice found in Tibetan Buddhism.

Alison loves to give you tools to take home for every day use and your own personal journey.


About Alison Levesley

Profile photo 2 Reverend Alison Levesley is the Leading revolutionaries in UK. For 27 years, she has touched the lives of thousands around the world including North and South America, Australia, Europe, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Through her very successful workshops and private reading sessions, she has worked with both individuals and organisations to bring about corporate changes. She is an experienced Interfaith Minister, Radio Presenter, Inspirational Speaker, Visionary, Psychic Intuitive Healer, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Business Development Coach, Spiritual Coach, Group facilitator, Counsellor, NLP, Reiki Master/ Teacher and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicines who specialises in-reconnecting her clients with the Highest aspect of themselves through love and intuitive guidance which allows changes to take place quickly. As the spiritual director of Gorton Monastery and the Chief Inspiration Officer at Barefoot Foundation. Alison has managed to create amazing things through these organisations with a limited budget. She is presently working with Glasgow Caledonian University and now Salford University to make Grameem Bank a reality in the North West of England once again looking to address the bigger social change.She is also a trustee for Penny On and New Dawn, plus working with The LOL Foundation, Salford University and Sir Nick Parker to bring about a united service for Ex-Forces.

Alison's private 1 to 1 reading sessions are always fully booked whenever she is in Singapore. Attend Alison's darshan sessions, workshops & her private consultation sessions and watch your life transformed! You can read more about Alison here.


Client Testimonials 

It was remarkable that Alison's intuitive feel for the flow of the Water and energy followed precisely the Classical Chinese formula. Along with a deep connection with God - Higher Mind, Source - Alison is in touched with the Earth and the Sky as well as being boundlessly compassionate.

- Feng Shui Master, Richard Ashworth

Every now and then a person comes into your life unexpectedly and leaves behind warmth, protection and healing energy. For me his person is Alison. A couple of years ago she gave up her time to be with me when I had reached a depth of despair and darkness I had not known to be possible. At that time Alison offered all I needed and more. She listened. She hugged. She healed. She shared her knowledge of deep healing techniques which have helped me to unite my broken spirit with my lost soul. With Alison's presence I found hope again. Her healing light and energy is truly unique and utterly powerful and changed my life forever.

- Doris Adams, Cheshire

I recently attended Alison's workshop in Bali on clearing blocks to abundance. This workshop was exactly what I needed to help overcome a hurdle of fear I have been dealing with for a few years. The process was very peaceful and gentle and I enjoyed the insights and energy shifts I experienced through out the day. I have been using the tools I learned and opportunities have been popping up everyday. Alison is a deep well of wisdom who's energetic vibration can change even the strongest skeptics. I am very grateful I was able to attend this workshop and I look forward to taking the next one.

- Nicola, Bali

Singapore :

"Just the sound of your voice had such an assuring effect on me. Your compassion and wisdom provided insights that resonated warmly and truly with my heart."

"I felt very comfortable with Alison throughout the session. She was very kind, patient and most importantly, able to guide me according to my needs."

"What I got was an amazing and empowering gift which I lost during my childhood. I claimed back my true power and un-cage my self imposed limitations. Alison is highly spot-on and she knows exactly what I need to unleash my true potential!"

"Thank you so much for helping me to give clarity to what I was experiencing at a time when I could not understand what was happening to me."

Just the sound of your voice had such an assuring effect on me. Your compassion and wisdom provided insights that resonated warmly and truly with my heart. I am now on a spiritual journey that is beyond my wildest imagination. Your guidance allowed me to move forward with my life and to meet the challenges that lay before me. I am very, very grateful."

- Clare, Singapore

Thank you so much for sharing these precious moments around your Mums passing - I love knowing you are in my life and your Mom would have felt the same. You have helped me accept the unacceptable in terms of loss and I am always indebted to you

- Olga Tomic

Alison, from the first minute to the last made me feel very comfortable. She has a beautiful, calming and empathetic energy about her, which melted away any resistance. She is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most heartfelt people I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. During our session I was led almost on a journey of my life - like being in a large house and entering one room and then being taken to another not knowing what to expect. Through her powerful insights she intuitively worked with my chakras and helped me understand what was happening on an emotional and spiritual level. She has a natural gift to help others understand and heal themselves on an emotional, physical and spiritual sense. I came away learning more about myself probably more than any other time in my life.

I would love to work with Alison again when the opportunity presents itself and I would embrace it with warm open arms'.

- With love and laughter,

Justin Financial Consultant London

Divinely Intuitive Chakra healing - Changing lives. I always felt you as a great woman, not surprised for your strength and love in this special moments...

- Big hug for you from Granada, Spain.

Thank you for the powerful enlightening session you kindly have me on Tuesday. Amazing work!

- Sarah Healthyspirit


 * Part of the profit of The Lighthouse Productions will be donated to its charity beneficiaries.

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